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Amanda Stewart

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Hi! 🌊 I'm Amanda, a Community Manager, Project Manager, and burned-out writer at the intersection of Creative x Tech x Operations. Why stay in one lane, right?

Some things that make me fabulously me:

🪴 Collects things to keep alive... like pets, plants & children. Fortunately, it's the plants that don't always fair too well, not the kids. 2/3 ain't bad. 

🥐 Food is my love language. I plan elaborate GrubHub orders in cities I do not live in and then abandon the cart. 

🖤 95% of my clothes are black because I like to pretend I have enough time for agency life. I do not. (see: kids)

🏡 Working remotely from Birmingham, AL since 2016. 
But like, way before that too.
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What Amanda's working on

What Amanda's working on