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I am an engineer at heart, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for solving problems. As a curious person, I have always ventured into early-stage startups where I can understand how ideas are born and help make them into reality, i.e, building something out of nothing. Learned valuable skills for professional and personal life in startups. I love trying to make implausible ideas work.

At my role was to help in developing a software-defined edge platform that offers unparalleled support for the widest variety of devices, sensors to be managed, at scale, and consistent with enterprise policies.  The platform is capable of running in private, public clouds, hybrid, distributed, and on-premises. As a member of a very small but talented and experienced team, I work as a software engineer to create a platform-independent solution for one product.

This currently consists of working with  Python, C, bash/sh, PowerShell, Linux(various distros), and Windows, docker containers, etc.

I have prior professional experience working with Angular(typescript), SQL, Flask, and AWS Greengrass. I also have good hands-on experience in Robotics, IoT, and ML/AI as I have worked in them for my previous roles in other firms.

My previous role was to connect with clients to understand the business requirements and work in an agile environment. Take BRD and implement it. Making sure the team understands it and works on it. Also, monitor and review code before push requests and deploy it.

Also as a generalist, I have worked on projects as a freelancer in many domains such as IoT, Robotics, ML/AI, AR/VR and have a solid understanding of the functionality.

Outside of work, most of my time is spent meeting and socializing with people, taking a hike with nature, a long motorcycling trip at dawn to drink chai, walking alongside the moon on the beach, watch the rain from the roof of the house, play with animals (mostly dogs) etc etc.

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