Amy Coppersmith
  • @amycoppersmith
  • Photographer - Digital Artist - Axe Thrower - Nerd
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • She/Her
7 things about me (because why not 7)
1: I live in Minnesota with my crazy family
2: I throw axes for fun (and in a league) 
3: I own my own photography company, Coppersmith Photography, where I specialize in editorial marketing photography
4: I create digital art revolving around folklore and mythology in my spare time
5: I'm hoping to lean into my digital art more and print a book of my pieces
5: I'm obsessed with romance novels and would love to create book cover art for them
6: I love lists
7: My dogs ares cooler then anyone else's dogs. Bear the Thunderdog, who is a gigantic akita, and Rocky, a Jack Russell/Shitzu mix...yes, he's a jack-shit

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