CEO , Orius
May 27, 2021

The Unicorn Journey By Three Legendary Founders 🤩

That was the title of the last session organized by Sarona Partners. Among the attendees, Alex Bouaziz (founder & CEO of Deel), Tom Livne (founder & CEO of Verbit), and L.D. Salmanson. If you don't know those names yet, well, just know, they raised millions for their business.

Let's be honest as a founder, raising funds is a really important subject. Having some insight from successful founders is therefore priceless. 

Haven't had the chance to attend? Here are the key points to remind👇

  • One company's potential growth depends on the CEO's potential growth: remember it's crucial to grow as your company keeps growing. Personal growth is as important as your company 

  • Choose carefully your partners: they must bring you value, and that doesn't only mean capital but also expertise, experience, contacts... 

  • As a founder, you are always fundraising: raising funds is the everyday work of the CEO. That means meeting people, making connections, discussing with experts, and so on... 

Let me know your experience with fundraising! I would love to hear it 😁