Ops team lead, Shine
Jun 25, 2021

How to effectively define a company vision? 

Managing in 2021 is a set of whole new challenges. Our population is more educated than ever. Working for a company without a deep meaning of why we are doing something became almost unthinkable.

But as people change, companies do change too. And their vision, which makes their long-term mission, can sometimes change. And in fact, it must involve as a company is growing and facing intensive competition. 

Traditionally, we think of C-levels being the legitimate ones defining vision, missions, strategy, and goals. I believe that was true, but not fully true anymore.

I have personally faced that situation. The top leadership was supposed to bring a clear vision and mission for the department I was managing. But, they were too busy monitoring other projects as well. My team was impatient to know where we are going, and how we were going there. Definitely, they were ready for the next challenge.

That energy seemed to me too priceless to just let it standby. They are smart people, well educated, and ready to re-think a company vision.

Therefore, I organized work sessions, brainstorming sessions, coffee sessions, and whatever kind of sessions to gather their strategic thinking and understand what kind of work they truly want to do and why. I backed their claims with data, market analysis, benchmarks, feedbacks from clients, and more... 

My next step was about convincing my chefs. Intuitively, I knew convincing my chefs wasn't about making one presentation of one hour or two, but more about engaging in a discussion with them about the new vision. For once, my team and I aren't asking questions, and actively working on the answers.