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Oct 09, 2021
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I joined Dimensional Innovations in June and started working on this project for Children's Mercy Kansas City's burn unit. And yesterday, we finished the final tweaks to the installation!

It's meant to distract kids during appointments in the burn unit. They can choose a type of bird and then add up to 6 of them to fly around the room, choose music, and choose a color pattern for the lights to cycle through.

As the software developer on this project, I wrote a program using vue and electron to connect arcade buttons to the various computers, and randomize the bird's flight paths. It also controls the LEDs in the various light fixtures and the light selection LED buttons.

The birds lead the kids through the entry hallway into the treatment room, and then fly in random paths and directions across all the walls.

I'm so glad to have been a part of this project, I hope it makes some kids' days a little less painful.