Ember.js Learning Core Team

Open source
Writing technical documentation
Publishing a blog post
Presenting a technical talk

The mission of the Ember Learning Core Team is to empower Ember users to learn, build and teach. The team is responsible for keeping the guides and API documentation updated, and manages the initiatives that support learning Ember. I enjoyed being an active member of this open source team for years and believe that I helped improve Ember's reputation for being hard to learn!

I was the Editor of The Ember Times. The Ember Times is the flagship publication for the Ember open source community, and we crosspost to the official Ember blog. I helped lead a small but dedicated global team of writers, managed our social media, migrated our email provider from Goodbits to Substack, and worked on internal tooling that powered the blog and website.

I was on the program committee for EmberConf 2019. I reviewed CFPs and helped choose that year's conference speakers.

This Dot put on a JavaScript State of Frameworks in 2018. I presented on the State of Ember (Slides). Along with folks from Stencil, Angular, RxJS, Node, and Preact, we discussed upcoming releases, recent milestones, community initiatives, and more.


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