Quality Engineer Manager, KOHO
Jan 01, 2021
Received a promotion

Software Development Manager | Quality Engineer Lead | Senior QA Engineer

Toronto, Canada

Here, I oversee software quality development activities, including front and back-end operations as well as deployment of advanced tools or programs. I monitor and control the budget to acquire appropriate tools for automation. I spearhead and support a team of 8 staff members to deliver assigned projects and tasks promptly while enabling the team to produce quality code. I also lead the development and implementation of the QA strategy for the entire organization. I build staff capacity and enhanced skills by devising and delivering engaging training courses for the team.

➥ Designed and implemented tools that saved manpower and costs of over $2M annually through front-end and back-end automation.

➥ Promoted from the position of Senior QA Engineer to Quality Engineer Lead, and further to Software Development Manager for displaying strong work ethics and dedication towards work.