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Anatoly IVANOV

  • @anatolyivanov
About Me
Hi, bonjour, привет! I’m a French / Russian film director, DP, steadicam op, still photographer, art director, web / graphic designer, co-producer.

Behind the camera since 1997. 📷🎥

Based in Paris and Geneva (remote pre- and post-production, design). Working around the globe (on-site shoots / production / manufacturing).

I’m particularly interested in A to Z projects involving multilingual brand identity, film, photography, design, code and sound… managing 150+ teams from inception / financing to distribution / consumption.

I specialize in realistic, thought-provoking, discretely emotional narratives that break free from mass-entertainment trends and canons, with emphasis on color, minimalism, precision, experimental editing and electronic music… elaborate cross-cultural pieces that provoke, inform and, yes, sell. 🙂

I know how to create stuff from nothing. Discern patterns and business logic out of any dataset, any industry, any country. Inspire others to work together towards a goal that might seem impossible. Stuff that’s pretty and functional.

Yeah, I have a slight preference towards functional programming paradigms. 😀 And, while I segued into programming… I’m particularly interested in any tech that helps us automate tasks, improve user experience (code-driven UX design)… so we can focus on the few advantages we still have over machines: the creative stuff. 🙂

My programming tastes and approaches?

  • users’ solutions first, dogma second — procedural, functional or object-oriented
  • strong typing, ideally (I dislike the loose typing of JavaScript and PHP…)
  • DRY, modular, cohesive, documented
  • DNS-style reverse vars naming schemas for forgetful humans, including myself a month from now
  • Continuous Delivery, smallish commits, tiny branches
  • paranoid defensive writing followed by deliberate chaos testing in production
Natural languages? I’m trilingual, English🇺🇸 / French🇫🇷 / Russian🇷🇺. OK, make it Swiss French.🇨🇭

Physical? I’m a runner, cyclist, climber, sailor… and 2-dose Pfizer vaccinated. 💉

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