Wrote an article
...but then certain words started to get under my skin, especially, leadership (also lead and leader). Why the hell is that masculine? You are telling me that there are not just as many women to strive to be a leader than men? Are you telling me that all women (or even most) are subconsciously not applying to jobs because the posting is asking for a leader or someone with leadership qualities? Are you telling me that you think that women have that little confidence in their skills and abilities? That, my friend, sounds a bit condescending to me.

Then, slowly, the whole premise started to bother me. As I looked closer, all of the words that indicate drive or career advancement are coded masculine and all the words that indicate support are coded feminine. Who decided which words are feminine coded and which words are masculine coded? Years of men being in charge? And is this perpetuating these stereotypes?

I've started writing again, if you are interested in this rant, you can read the whole post on Medium. https://lnkd.in/dHCSq_Wv