Notion Charts

Explored beta feature
I use Notion on a daily basis, keeping track of work and personal information constantly. Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Notion Charts integration in Alpha.

If you know me well enough, you probably know I home-brew (mostly mead, but also dabbling in beer / cider) with my partner. I decided that would be a great use of my time to try and visualize with the Notion Charts plugin.

Luckily, the implementation was relatively easy, and I was able to create some pie charts on what kind of , as well as heat maps on when I've started and finished my batches on average. Took me about 10 minutes to accomplish what I set out to do, which isn't always easy to say for some of my other excursions I try to do.

All it takes is a JSON format and some basic SQL. These examples were super helpful to understand what was needed to accomplish the task.

Thanks to Michel for the opportunity to test something like this, and I am excited to see how Notion Charts progresses in development!