Andrii Bobniuk
  • @andrii_bobniuk

Andrew is the founder and CEO of ImaginusVR, a Ukraine-based agency, focused on 2D and 3D service.

In the past 5,5 years, ImaginusVR has realised and enhanced more than 5000 3D models for its clients across the globe Ukraine, Israel, USA, UAE, Indonesia and South Africa.

ImaginusVR creates 2D and 3D for:

- Commercial and Residential Real Estate;

- Video Gaming Industry;

- Mobile and Web Applications;

- Manufacturers (for catalogues, inventory, websites);

- Architecture;

- Entertainment (including Museums and Art Galleries);

- Education.

Andrew is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve the best business results in the most efficient and effective way. He facilitates business masterminds and offers private business consultations for those who want to understand how to maximise their profits.

Andrew believes that helping other people solve their problems helps any entrepreneur look at their own business from a different angle, this is why ImaginusVR always comes up with the most innovative and creative solutions for their own clients.

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Feb 2023 - Present

CEO, Self-employed