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Andy Piper

  • @andypiper
  • ✬ Open Source ✬ MicroPython ✬ Community ✬
  • Kingston upon Thames, UK
  • he/they/them
👋🏻 I'm a Dev Rel Professional, speaker, tinkerer, and social bridgebuilder, based in the UK. I love to explain and unpack new technologies, and to inspire others to try new things.

I'm into hacking with small circuit boards and sensors using MicroPython, and contributing to Open Source projects. I'm the co-host of a weekly technology podcast, Games at Work dot biz (you can find us on any of the podcast services, and we'd love to know what you think!). I also send out an occasional newsletter which you are welcome to subscribe to.

Professionally: I was the senior Developer Advocate looking after Twitter's API and developer platform for nearly nine years. Prior to that, I worked in Developer Relations for Cloud Foundry, and with the MQTT lightweight messaging protocol. I spent 10 years consulting on business integration at IBM, and I helped the UK Post Office navigate the infrastructure challenges of the Y2K issue.

I've been described by former colleagues as: an enabler, a synthesiser, a connector, and a community-builder.  I'm excited to work with you!
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