Joined an Early Adopter Program
Designed a book
Designed a Book Cover
Concept art
Took a class on visual design
Designed Editorial Illustrations
Translated an article
Translated a Book
Made an introduction
Shared accessibility knowledge
Contributed to a TTRPG ebook
Collaborated with other TTRPG designers


I joined Polywork! 
Glad to be one of the first early adopters, with IO as my AI-assistant.

  • Pronouns: You can use any pronouns when you talk to me or about me.
  • Identifiers: You can use the feminine identifier Mrs or the neutral one Mx. You can of course just call me by my firstname (Angela). 
  • Pseudonym: When using my complete pseudonym, you can write my firstname without the capital letter (angela quidam). My nickname "quidam" is a Latin word still known in France, which means more or less "someone/guy/nobody/anonymous".

Can't wait to see where this platform will take me, but first let's introduce myself:

How people know about me?

People often know me as the one who talks online a lot about single player analog games. The one talking or sharing articles about accessibility. The one who translates short cool tabletop games (TTRPGs) or articles about TTRPGs. The one who loves cozy games as much as body horror games. The one who draws creatures. Or the one who loves dinosaurs!


What can I do (for you)?

I do graphic design. I got two degrees to prove this fact! And also a lot of examples to show (see my links below for some!) I also do illustrations.

So you can hire me for: 
  • graphic design (layout work, graphic design for books, artistic direction, etc.), 
  • ePub creation (custom creation based on a text file), 
  • illustration (inked illustrations of creatures, black and white or digitally colored).

You can also send me a message and ask me questions! 
  • I sometimes just answer questions or give tips because even if I need money, I don't want to be a jerk and I'm always glad to help people.
  • I also contribute to TTRPGs zines with articles, short games or illustrations.

Who am I?

If you've read the top of this post, you already know what I like. So I guess this is the place to speak about career:

  1. I began to learn design stuff back in secondary school, because I was in a special design class (for 3 years, so I learned about Art History, design principles, etc. even if it was more focused on product design and architecture). 
  2. Then I joined a public graphic design educational establishment for 2 years, this one was pretty intense and focused on graphic design theory, history, principles and practice. It was great for learning about design principles, particulary for posters, printed documents and books! 
  3. I then joined an Art & Design school to continue this academic career for 3 years. Proud to say it was also a public school so the admission is rather difficult. In this school I practiced again graphic design but also other cool stuff like art skills. Funny! 
  4. Now I mostly do graphic design for books. And I love to do this for tabletop roleplaying games! I'm also learning more and more about accessibility. That's why I create ePub versions as a complement to the layouted PDF format.

Btw I live in France as a native one, don't bother my English grammar errors, I'm still actively learning. I even translate some short games and articles from English to French! 



Here are links to show you some of my works: