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My polywork appearance is still under construction ;) In my role at borisgloger consulting GmbH, I ...  
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People & Culture Manager (or Enthusiast ;))

  • borisgloger consulting GmbH
  • Nov 2019 - Present

Project Coordination | Executive Search

  • Kienbaum Consultants
  • Jan 2018 - Oct 2019

Administrative Support HR

  • Amgen
  • Oct 2016 - Dec 2017
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What Anita's working on

What Anita's working on


Aug 21, 2021
Aug 21, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Who would have thought that I would actually be one of the early adopters of a professional social network? :D 
I already like Polywork very much. You can show what interests, skills and project experience you have - without the actual idea of bragging about your job title, MBA or other degrees anyway.

I also like the idea of giving it a personal touch. You like to travel, you're a night owl, you play the ukulele and you find peace while meditating? Exciting - feel free to show that off! Behind every resume is a personality and our private interests and passions are just as much a part of us as our professional ones.

Find a work environment where you can be yourself, where you are valued and supported, and where self-actualization is not just an unattainable state in Maslow's pyramid. 

P.S This is my very first post on Polywork and I'm not quite sure yet what will happen after I share it - but I'll find out and I'm sure you will too ;) 
Mar 19, 2021
Mar 19, 2021
Co-wrote a book chapter
Got published

Book Chapter: Using agile methods in HR management - illustrated by the example of agile recruiting at borisgloger consulting (German)

I'm so excited!!!

The 2nd edition of the book "Digital HR", which was published in the spring of 2021 and in which I had the pleasure of contributing an article as co-author.

In our contribution, Yvonne Schulist and I show you how agile working methods can be integrated into human resources management and what benefits this brings, using the example of agile recruiting at my company, borisgloger consulting GmbH.

Curious now? You can take a look inside and order the book (only available in German) here: Feel free to leave your thoughts on the book and especially our article.


Nov 10, 2020
Nov 10, 2020
Introduced a new time tracking system

New time tracking system

In November 2020, I introduced a new time tracking system for our Austrian colleagues and provided them with a complete video tutorial to help them track their working hours in accordance with legal requirements. 
Sep 08, 2020
Sep 08, 2020
Got interviewed
Got published

Interview: Ways out of the crisis: How agility and team decisions help (German)

In an interview with GmbH, my colleagues Ssonja Peter, Ellen Thonfeld, Stefan Nagel and I give an insight into how we have been dealing with the last few months of this crisis and how we are nevertheless sticking to our principles such as self-organization and team decisions. 👇🏻
Sep 01, 2020
Sep 01, 2020
Wrote a blog post
Published a blog post

Blog post: Monetary incentive systems: 7 theses on agile target agreements (German)

My colleague Christoph Schmiedinger and I have been thinking about what modernized incentive systems and more agile target agreements could look like in companies and have come up with 7 theses.

What do you think on that? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Here's the article (available only in German):
Aug 21, 2020
Aug 21, 2020
Wrote a blog post
Published a blog post

Blog post: Agile Recruiting at borisgloger consulting (German)

In my new blog post, I'll take you on a journey through our agile recruiting process and show you what a key role the team plays in it 🔎🌏.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more about borisgloger consulting GmbH as an employer, have questions about the process or want to become part of our team - I look forward to it!

P.S We're hiring - have a look at our latest job offers!
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