May 29, 2020
Implemented a Learning & Development tool

New Learning & Development Tool 

In May 2020, I presented an MVP for a learning & development tool in our ScrumMaster circle, integrated their feedback together with a colleague from IT, and then rolled it out and presented it in the company.

In the tool, we track which trainings were taken by whom and when, as well as the annual costs for trainings in the company, per team, and for the individual. In addition, we record which courses last how long, which course institutes we have used, and what needs to be taken into account if you want to do a particular training. The aim is to ensure full internal transparency and an overview of the knowledge we have within the company and, as a result, to communicate this knowledge externally. We have done the latter by having our communications team work with our colleagues to create employee profiles on our website. 

Since then, the tool has been continuously revised and suggestions for improvement from the company have been added. Currently (August 2021), we are looking at whether the tool has reached its limits and whether we may soon need an alternative.