Aug 21, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Who would have thought that I would actually be one of the early adopters of a professional social network? :D 
I already like Polywork very much. You can show what interests, skills and project experience you have - without the actual idea of bragging about your job title, MBA or other degrees anyway.

I also like the idea of giving it a personal touch. You like to travel, you're a night owl, you play the ukulele and you find peace while meditating? Exciting - feel free to show that off! Behind every resume is a personality and our private interests and passions are just as much a part of us as our professional ones.

Find a work environment where you can be yourself, where you are valued and supported, and where self-actualization is not just an unattainable state in Maslow's pyramid. 

P.S This is my very first post on Polywork and I'm not quite sure yet what will happen after I share it - but I'll find out and I'm sure you will too ;)