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Jul 02, 2021
Jul 02, 2021
🎯Social Media Marketing Checklist 📈⁣

Frist Pick your social channels⬇️⁣

Instagram ⁣

Here is the checklist:⁣

✅Complete your profile⁣

✅Claim your business name and URL⁣

✅Choose brand image ad brand creatives⁣

✅Fill your bios and about sections⁣

✅Follow business, brands, and prospects⁣

✅Keep a close eye on your competitors⁣

✅Define your content strategy⁣

✅Make your messaging as clear as a possible⁣

✅Assemble your content calendar⁣

✅Engage with others⁣

✅Find your brand voice⁣

✅Check and update your posting calendar⁣

✅Reply to comments and questions⁣

✅Monitor your brand mentions online and react with them⁣

✅Discover industry-related keywords and threads⁣

✅Check what your competitors are posting⁣

✅Monitors industry news and hot topics⁣

✅Discover trending hashtag⁣

✅Monitor and comment on influence post⁣

✅Promote you're connect on social media so it can reach your audience⁣

Is your brand nailing the checklist?⁣
Do you Apply this checklist!⁣


P.S to nail any checklist you need to have clear smart goals!

#socialmediamarketing #checklists
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Apr 01, 2021
Apr 01, 2021
Excited to join aarambhh digital as Founder and CVO! 🎉
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Founder and CVO, aarambhh digital