Apr 16, 2021
Redesigned my personal site
Designed and developed a website
Using Jekyll
+ 1
I completely redesigned my personal website today. It’s 1 A.M. now and I’m finishing up the Jekyll configuration. I think it’s worth sacrificing sleep on rare occassions to get something done. I know I wouldn’t get it done this month if I stopped earlier today.

The site is not perfect by any means but it’s mine. It was mine before, sure, but I’d made it using Webflow and customizing the exported code. This time it’s all mine — unless you count using Tachyons CSS as cheating? I think it’s more of a very convenient shortcut.

Anyway, it’s still a WIP and I’ll keep adding pages and info, but the groundwork has been laid. My ambition is to have a flexible website that I can easily customize as time goes on and upload new works — which was time consuming before because I hadn’t baked it into the site from the beginning.

I finally know what I’m doing!

PS: It switches between light and dark mode depending on the visitor’s system setting 🧡