Things I’ve built

Illustrated an analogy on CSS Box model I've been thinking about.
Today, with the team, I launched my first Product Hunt app! 🎉 Introducing Pastel for Adobe XD! This was also my first plugin and is built in React from scratch (not using Create React App), with th...
Submitted my first contribution to an Open Source Project and was approved! I added to Scott Spence's JavaScript Cheat Sheet.
SVG art inspired by anime, my time living in Japan and an SVG animation workshop, taught by Cassie Evans.
Created my first plugin for Adobe XD and it was approved on first go! Quite a milestone in my development career! This plugin is currently launched internally but anyone is free to try it out if yo...
Designed and coded my own version of Tic-Tac-Toe with unicorns and dragons!
Drew how I felt when I study JavaScript
Created a pure CSS animation of Madeline, a lil French girl from my childhood who may be small, but inside, she's tall!
Made this pure CSS bear in celebration of Fat Bear Week!
Experimented with CSS gradients and layers to create this one div iPad!
Gave a Lunch & Learn on accessibility to advocate for improved practices moving forward!!
Designed and coded my first ever CSS animation!
Shipped a major overhauled search and filter feature in Pastel- this was a biggie and long requested!