Spoke on Twitter Spaces
Spoke on a panel
One of three women on a Hashnode-hosted Twitter Spaces on the topic of, "Women Who Tech & Lead". This was part of International Day 2022.

Questions included:

1. What’s your current role? (Short description of your responsibilities/work)
2. What made you want to pursue a career in tech? What led you to leading a team or community? 
3. What would you say are the most important qualities that make a good leader in the tech industry? Especially now that work is either hybrid or completely from home, how can we achieve community building and successful leadership online/remotely?
4. How can we encourage female leadership when there are not enough women in tech to begin with? How can individuals and companies be allies for current and aspiring women in tech?
5. What needs to be done by organizations and individuals to further support current women in leadership positions? How do you develop your leadership skills personally or through the help of your company?
6. How do you handle work-life balance, especially once you start acquiring new responsibilities in a leadership position?