André Pinto
  • @apinix
Developer, Designer, Lead, and Communicator.

I'm a 30 something-year-old Portuguese pixel chef and web wizard specialized in Front-End Development, UX Product Architecture, and UI Design.

One-man army and very passionate about code, design, mobile, multimedia, and all the bits and pieces in between.

Excellent at bridging communication between all stakeholders.

A Lead and translator for the worlds of designers and programmers.


My personal and professional life taught me about myself:

I can successfully create, scale, and optimize software products
- I put the customer at the center of all I do
- I excel at the execution of big ideas
- I speak tech and exec
- I tell stories that motivate

I make a lot happen for myself
- I spend a crazy amount of time learning because I never settle
- I focus on making high-quality decisions


I excel at:
Javascript and Typescript (Angular, React, Ionic)
CSS/Sass Master (I just get oddly satisfied with this!)
Design Systems (Code and UI: Gotta show you something)
UX Architect (Product from the ground up)
UI Design (Absolutely loooove Figma)

Front-End Development, UX Product Architecture, UI Design, Open-Source


Focused on User Experience as a whole, from the end-user to the developer, to the processes that stem from online actions to the offline world.

Expertise in large corporate projects in different fields like design, web, mobile, education, and information visualization.

Changing the world one person at a time.


In a separate git branch, I have another love, to play my guitars (yes, got some) and I sing too. Some bands over the years have risen and fallen, and already played in some interesting places. If Tech is my first job, music surely is my second.


I'm one god damn pro-active/dynamic "mofo" and I'm all about doing it.

Reach out if you want to share some ideas about tech

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Aug 2018 - Present

Partner | Lead Front-End Developer,