My English Instructor Was Just The Person I Needed Most

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In my ENGL 1123 - Introduction to Academic Writing course this past summer, I received 100% on my final research essay. I'm still in shock to this day.


When the assignment was first announced, I swear you could hear everyone's eyes roll into the back of their heads along with a *very* audible groan.

"Ughhh a project?"

"This late in the semester?"

"What's the point?"

My English instructor did not miss a beat while explaining the parameters of this assignment.

"No, it's not an 'eww' assignment," he replied, "I swear you'll actually fall in love with this one. I want you to choose your angle and match it with a writer you identify with. I've seen my previous students' hesitation melt away into actual enthusiasm for their paper."

With his justification made, he proceeded to give us an outline for the final research paper scattered with helpful tips on how to narrow down our focus and find relevant extracts. What really made this assignment run more smoothly was my instructor sharing examples of strong lines and citations made by previous students during our lectures.

Contrary to more typical college writing experiences, my instructor actually spent half of the class showing us all how to paraphrase lines into our own words and properly attribute ideas and thoughts from other knowledge makers within our work. To call this class experience "great" would not do it justice. In fact, it was the most enjoyable and educational class experience I have had to date in my entire life. It was nice for once to have proper guidelines and foundational knowledge to charge ahead with writing our very own masterpieces.

If you were looking for proof, here it is linked below for the world to see:

Neil, thank you for being the proper college instructor I never knew could exist and needed in my life. Langara, please retain him and allow him to teach 2nd-year English courses as soon as possible! I still need 2000-level electives, and another English class under his tutelage would be greatly appreciated.