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Anton Malofeev

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I'm a cross platform developer using Flutter as a primary tool to create something useful & beautiful ✨.

Usually work with long-term part-time contracts and prefer to create or participate in something, what can be really helpful and used - doesn't matter if it is an enterprise app 🧩 or a cool strategy game 🏯.

In my free time I prefer to watch movies, work at my own projects (which is perfect for principle find what needs to be done, study all about it and do it) and live a life with family - in other words, I'm always searching for perfect work/life balance 🌳 :)
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What Anton's working on

Jun 08, 2022
The first time I developed a small custom web add-in for Microsoft Excel was the time when it rendered via Internet Explorer as a WebView, which had the worst debugging tools and under the best circumstances, they worked from time to time:)

It was a small piece of JavaScript that changed some names in cells and that's all. By that time I have known only VBA for Applications and was excited to study new technology to simplify my daily workflow in e-commerce.

For some time, I've studied a Typescript with Vue.js and love it and I've started building a small add-in in my free time to navigate, search and manage worksheets in one book. Unfortunately, the designing with HTML and  SCSS was quite hard for me, and after some time I built the first version (see dark theme screenshot on the left). I was proud but something was missing in the code and in the design part.

Over time I tried to return to the app, but all my tries failed:)

Two years later after my last try, after using Flutter quite much for mobile and cross-platform development the puzzle suddenly was solved in one night and with a couple of late hours - inspired by firebase and react interop dart libraries,  I wrote a small js interop dart library for office.js. And hooray🎆  it worked:)

Well, I thought, why not, and by using Flutter with Fluent UI after 7 or 8 days later the add-in was rebuilt from the ground and it was just excited time to see that anything possible via tries and failed:)

Hopefully this time I will publish it to Microsoft Store, but even if it is not, well, even this story is completed, others are not:)

With a hope that this story can inspire:)


The useful links:

Sheet Manager repository and live website
Office.js interop library
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Jun 01, 2022
Excited to join SuchDigital as Mobile Developer! 🎉
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Mobile Flutter Developer, SuchDigital
Jun 01, 2022
Ended my journey as Mobile Developer at itis.team!
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Flutter Mobile Developer, itis.team
Jun 02, 2021
Excited to join itis.team as Mobile Developer! 🎉
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Flutter Mobile Developer, itis.team
Jun 01, 2021
Ended my journey as Project manager | Team lead of internal WMS development at Motorfirst!
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Project manager | Team lead of internal WMS development, Motorfirst
Nov 01, 2020
Excited to join Self-employed as Software Engineer Freelancer! 🎉
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Flutter Software Engineer Freelancer, Self-employed