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Arhat Bhagwatkar

  • @arhat
  • Founder, Investor & Advisor.
3+ years of experience in private equity, venture capital & growth strategy.

Currently, I work as a venture partner at GoingVC Partners, looking specifically after web3, fintech & AI deals.

I regularly post investment theses on web3 topics such as decentralized economy, Decentralized data, P2E business models & a primer series on topics such as L2 scaling solutions, DeFi lending & borrowing, etc. 

Web3 Research: bit.ly/3CjM.

Last September, I founded MentorFund.vc: A community-driven web3 accelerator that helped web3 startups raise $200k to date.

I'm an advisor to two startups: SavingBlocks & Croxit.
I hold monthly web3 founder collective calls in my metaverse, where we discuss platform & product strategies, how to structure early-stage funding rounds, etc. 

DM if you want to join.
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