Founded a new company
Today I am excited to announce Takt alongside my co-founders Glynn and Noah! Takt is an operations productivity platform built for warehousing, logistics, and distribution centers. We have been working closely with customers over the past few months and are excited to finally share what we have been working on.

During the pandemic we saw (and are still seeing) our global supply chains interrupted and it became evident that our supply chains needed better tools. As we began to dive in, the tools that operators, supervisors, and executives use have not evolved to take advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning packaged in an easy to use “consumer like” experience. We believe that the next great idea, improvement, or insight can come from anyone within the organization. I saw this principle work first hand during my time at AWS and something that will be a core principle of the Takt platform. We aim to build tools that empower all levels of the organization to succeed and grow their careers/business.

It wouldn’t be an announcement without saying we are hiring! We are hiring software engineers to join my team to build the future operating system of the distribution center. If you are interested in building beautiful and scalable customer experiences with the latest tools apply on our company page.