• @aris
  • Full-stack web developer, educator, and Open Source enthusiast.
  • Indonesia
Hey there, I'm a full-stack web developer and educator. It’s nice to meet you!

I'm an enthusiastic, self-motivated person, and always willing to learn and undertake new challenges. Sometimes I spare my time to contribute to the Open Source community.

I’ve been in IT for some years, working in product companies and digital consultancies. I’m on a mission to bring more joy and authenticity to the digital space.

Here’re the things I can help you with:

  • I'm always happy to talk about technology, ideas, and exchange knowledge;
  • I can help you to define your next steps;
  • We can figure out what to do next;

⭐️ Please specify what you’re looking for before sending the invite. It’ll help both of us: for you to define the desired outcome and for me to prepare! So we both can come out happier and stronger!

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Software Engineer

  • FlowyTeam
  • Jan 2022 - Present


Jan 17, 2022
Jan 17, 2022
Started using a new tool
Now, I'm using monday.com to manage and track my works.
Jan 03, 2022
Jan 03, 2022
Moved to a new company
New year, new team, new company. Today I move to a new company called FlowyTeam. It's a SaaS company based in Malaysia.
Jan 01, 2022
Jan 01, 2022
Started a new role at FlowyTeam
Excited to join FlowyTeam as Software Engineer! 🎉
Software Engineer, FlowyTeam


Dec 18, 2021
Dec 18, 2021
Updated my personal website
Today I updated my website using Turborepo, but still using Next.js, Tailwind, a little bit Framer Motion, and Typescript. Also, this website has a new domain, from aris.web.id to ripandis.com
Nov 29, 2021
Nov 29, 2021
Published an NPM package
TIL. Today I just published my first NPM package.

Check this out: https://www.npmjs.com/package/riipandi
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