I launched my first online course, titled "Slay Your Salary Negotiation"! 🎉
New Youtube video where I share a recent refactor of my work, adopting functions over a switch statement that had the potential to become very unwieldy.
Shipped code that made destroying a Display Ad async 🚀
Guest-hosted the Thunder Nerds podcast with Fredrick; had special guest SWYX.
Featured in the Washington Post's The Lily newsletter, as part of a story about Salary Conversations.
Shipped code that made destroying a Broadcast async.
Shipped code that made the destruction of Badge Achievements asynchronous.
Shipped code that refactored the process of saving Admin Portal changes, and made it async.
Shipped code that creates default navigation links for brand-new forems.
Completed my first coding livestream! 🎉 💃🏽 In it, I implemented a code refactor as suggested by a teammate during review of my pull-request.
Completed the implementation of Static Sections in the Site Navigation of forems.
Today, I moderated Forem's engineering roundtable while Molly (our head of engineering) was out-of-office. It was fun and insightful! I also wrote up the roundtable summary afterwards. Made me appr...
Completed Part 1 of Implementing Static Sections in Forem's Site Navigation.
Published a new Racket! 🗣 https://racket.com/aritdeveloper/r95Yt
Enjoying Connect Reimagine Conference by WomenWhoCode 🎉 Gave a Lightning Talk on practical steps to get into opensource development.
Created a short demo video for a Forem Contributor, to help them get started with an issue. 🧡
Completed Cycle 2 of Our Time For Tech! 🎉 We mentored 4 CodeCollab and 2 BetterPrep fellows, and received glowing evaluations from all participants. Now for some rest, before retroing the cycle and...