Sep 18, 2021
Practiced Coloring
Another entry from the Cthulhu Coloring Book

I had mulled over this one for a very long time, finally deciding on a heavily backlit and also lit from inside the mouth.

 The base colors went on pretty easily. I considered stopping there. 😂 With these markers I like to start with the lighter colors everywhere and then add layers of contrast; so even though the bulk of the body was going to be darkened, I wanted to start with an even flesh tone base.

Adding the first layer of contrast onto the body was TERRIFYING - good rimlighting isn’t apparent until it’s nearly all applied. I started with a generous application of 20% warm grey, then a 50%, then started adding spots of 70% and Sepia tones. The darkest shadow points I also hit with a very dark violet.

The hair was accented with chartreuse (for rimlighting from the glyphs) and goldenrod (for contrast on the hair). I also used goldenrod on the vignette in the background.

For the mouth, I knew I wanted it to be a source of point light, and the little bit of Y-shaped flesh in the back to be also rim lit. The bulk of the mouth was base coated in Pink (on the darker side) and chartreuse (for the lit side). This was really fun, and made the contours of the inside of the mouth really start to stand out. I kept layering darker tones onto the Y-piece, and also the ridges.