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Arthur Menezes

I worked as Full Stack Developer in Web Projects on Microsoft .Net (C#) platform, participating in the entire development process of product and consulting with major customers in Brazil in the area of telecom, insurance, health, and port management. During this phase, I also had my first experience as a Tech Lead, where I developed my aptitude with people management and project management.

Generalist, I worked with several different technologies participating in monolithic projects, microservices, PWAs, in addition to solving issues such as Scalability, Performance, and Security.

Today I also work as Full Stack Developer and Tech Lead in Web Projects for Samsung, focusing on JavaScript FrontEnd frameworks such as Angular and React; Nodejs in Backend; and the AWS Cloud platform.

Sometimes I like to contribute to the community, sharing my knowledge through StackOverflow.
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Jul 01, 2021
Jul 01, 2021
Excited to join Liferay as Senior Software Engineer! 🎉
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Senior Software Engineer, Liferay