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May 21, 2021
Designed a logo
Designed an icon
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Created a logo and banner for Hirozed

I designed a logo and banner for my partner, Jim Reevior, to use on his personal website, blog, and social media. He was hoping to incorporate a red panda and something related to his career as a web developer and felt personal. I decided to create an icon that looks like a keyboard key to speak to his developer side, while still using the colors and shapes of a red panda. The glasses match his new glasses.

We worked together to incorporate his internet handle, Hirozed, into a banner, and we tried both blue and green backgrounds for their contrast. The green ended up working best! I also wanted to make sure the typeface and icon were both friendly and approachable, and had a helpful kind of vibe, since those are words Jim usually uses to describe himself.

You can see it in action on his blog!