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Attila Foris

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” - Albert Einstein.     

I love solving problems and believe that we can solve any problem in an organization with simple ‘’no-brainer’’ decisions. 

I also hate to talk about myself, so here are seven quick things about me and my work.   

1. I have solved multiple problems of different sizes for numerous companies.
2. The real magic is in the process, which is why I always focus on how to solve complex problems to be:
  • easy to understand, 
  • easy to implement, 
  • cost-effective, and 
  • the upside ALWAYS be more significant than the downside
3. I always wanted to build things. I’m obsessed with numbers, ideas, structures, processes, and culture.   

4. I always do what I say and always say what I do!    

5. I respect everyone’s time: I clarify the basics and communicate short and to the point.    

6. This is how I sum up my job: I help companies find and solve bottleneck problems.    

7. I don't like to advertise this fact, but I'd do this job for free. It's my passion.    


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