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Hi! I'm ayon, currently a student and a web developer that's learning to becoming a full-stack developer.
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[Former] Founder, Engineer

  • Droptify
  • Aug 2021 - Sep 2021


Sep 12, 2021
Sep 12, 2021
Learning express
Started learning Express.js!
Aug 01, 2021
Aug 01, 2021
Started a new role at Droptify
Excited to join Droptify as Founder, Engineer! 🎉

I'm creating a Discord bot that helps server owners boost their engagement in their server. Many Discord communities are dying because there is no engagement with others.

I don't have any other information for Droptify, as well as a website because everything is under development.

My goal is to help people build their communities, as well as help others revive their server.

[Former] Founder, Engineer, Droptify
Jul 06, 2021
Jul 06, 2021
Learning javascript
Started learning JavaScript!
Jul 05, 2021
Jul 05, 2021
Hello, Polywork Community
Joined Polywork. Hello World!
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