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Experienced in Software Engineering 15+ years. Excels at rapidly integrating reliable image processing, microcontroller & robotic, complex web / mobile technologies, AI algorithms and achieving flexible software architecture designs.

PHP, CGI/Perl, Python, Javascript, C/C++, Obj-C, Swift, Java, Node.js, HTML, CSS - SASS, TypeScript, ActionScript, Go, Ruby, Visual Prolog, .Net (C#, Vb), Kernel Code, WebGL, OpenGL, Core Image, Quartz, OpenCV, Pixel Bender, PixiJs, Native Extension, AWS, Varnish, Apache, Flask, Nginx, MXML, XML, YAML, Json, Oracle, MySQL, Nosql, DynamoDB, Lambda.
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Jun 2007 - Present

Director of Software Engineering - Architect, BeFunky