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Streamlined accessibility processes
Tested for Accessibility

Accessibility workshop

We did dynamics to learn interpret content and regulations raised by the W3C, to understand the principles, guidelines, success criteria and techniques defined by WCAG, which guide us to build experience for anyone, regardless of their disability and/or ability, according to the laws.
Nov 01, 2021
Build a custom Shopify theme
Tested for Accessibility
Software Lead on MasterBuilt's completely redesigned and rebuilt Shopify website. Shopify/Liquid/Tailwind/Storybook
Software Engineer, Digital Surgeons
Nov 02, 2021
Published a Dev.to article
Tested for Accessibility
Published an article on Hashnode
Published a Medium post
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Blog 1 for Virtual Coffee's November blogging challenge - Accessibility Auditing My Portfolio Site - Part 1

In which I finally use a screenreader and several other accessibility tools. Stay tuned for the blog(s) about the fixes.
Spoke on A11yRules Podcast
Spoke on a podcast
Spoke about Web Accessibility
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I am definitely not an expert in web design, but I am an expert in using the web. I sat down with Nic Steenhout on A11yRules to chat about chronic pain, brain fog, and the challenges that they both pose when interacting with modern sites.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript 🎙️

Optimized SEO
Tested for Accessibility
I spent about 30 minutes optimizing Herald website. It's a Next.js site so there were some built-in performance stuff in there but I'd made some mistakes as well.

I also learned some new stuff from Next.js SEO course. After the optimizations, this is the Lighthouse report:

Spoke at a conference
Shared accessibility knowledge
I spoke at JSCamp Virtual, the title of the talk was "Don't Develop Just for Yourself - A Developer's Checklist to Accessibility".