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Self-as-Context in The Oxford Handbook of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
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Proud to have written a chapter for the 2021 Web Almanac, exploring the flavours and prevalence of structured data across the web.
Published a research paper
I published my first peer-reviewed journal research paper in a reputable AI journal. This article was based on my final year BSc Computer Science dissertation, which improved the working efficiency of a local company by implementing a complex mathematical model using AI instead of traditional mathematical solvers.

Published in Applied Soft Computing Journal, July 2019
Completed Research Internship
With an inquisitiveness to learn more in web3.0 space with a scarcity of learning resources, I decided to hunt for research internships in the blockchain space. As a result, I landed an opportunity to work as a Summer Research Assistant in the CSE Department, IIT Kharagpur under the guidance of Dr. Sandip Chakraborty. Dr. Sandip is well known for his NPTEL course on Blockchain.

During this period, I helped in architecting a permissioned blockchain network to establish a Decentralised Cloud Federation using Hyperledger Fabric. I wrote the smart contracts and the client application used for testing.
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We often jump in and out of Matplotlib and find the minimum we need to create the plot we want. However, getting an understanding of what's happening behind the scenes in the library can be very fruitful.
In this Chapter of The Python Coding Book, I look at some of the fundamentals on what makes up a Matplotlib figure, what's the difference between `Figure` and `Axes` objects, and also get a taste of 3D plots and animations, such as the one below!
Here's the link to the full Chapter:
Basics of Data Visualisation in Python using Matplotlib
Published a study
Published a chapter entitled 'Leveraging Blockchain Technology For Decentralised Domain Name Broker Service' in book 'BLOCKCHAIN FOR INFORMATION SECURITY & PRIVACY, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group'.