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Streamlined accessibility processes
Tested for Accessibility

Accessibility workshop

We did dynamics to learn interpret content and regulations raised by the W3C, to understand the principles, guidelines, success criteria and techniques defined by WCAG, which guide us to build experience for anyone, regardless of their disability and/or ability, according to the laws.
Nov 23, 2021
Streamlined accessibility processes
Improved Site Accessibility
Consolidated support and accessibility information for developers to encourage an accessible SDLC.
Support Developer, Canadian Digital Services
Oct 31, 2020
Built a Design System
Completed a bootcamp
Documented a design for hand-off
Design Operations
Streamlined accessibility processes
Creating design system documentation
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I participated in the pilot class of the Design System & Ops course, at Meiuca. It's always good to improve your knowledge and even more when you identify with the course's methodology, because of the passion for design and the sparkle in your eyes when it comes to design system. Using Airbnb DS as a reference, I was able to learn more deeply some steps to analyze during modules:

  • Concepts, principles and Setups
  • Discovery
  • Design & Development
  • Hand-off
  • Design Ops: Documentation & Governance

There's one thing in common with building digital products: they need to scale consistently to deliver the best experience and put as little effort as possible into optimizing resources in the operation.

For that to happen, design and development need to design in concert. This need changed the profile of designers, who were focused on technique. Today designers need to look more at processes. Understanding how all this works is a requirement for anyone who wants to be an indispensable designer in the technology environment.
Jan 29, 2021
Created a collage
Created a Storyboard
Shadowed a Projects Manager
Tested for Accessibility
Mentored an Audio Visual Technician
Shared a decision framework
Explored motion design
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Audiovisual Collage Serie at an Museum

Educational Content “Roupa dá em árvore?” of the Herman Hering Foundation and Museum. I shared the collage and storyboard arts with a team of art direction, creative direction and museum stakeholders, connecting with Motion Design, Sound Design, Libras, Legends and among other skills. We did the project remotely, with professionals from different cities to be exhibited during the opening before lockdown, of the museum at Blumenau/SC.

See full project:

Visite in 360:

Check out the complete series on the foundation's youtube:
Wrote a Blog Post
Performed an a11y audit
Provided Constructive Feedback
Reviewed code
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A deeper dive into Strava's accessibility (or lack thereof). As much as I don't want to make myself that guy who keeps Strava honest, that does seem like a space very much in need of an occupant.
Founder, How The Race Was Won
Jun 25, 2019
Keynoted at enterJS
Delivered the keynote talk, Accessibility at Scale at enterJS.