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Feb 01, 2009
Failed At Something
Folded Adfabriq. The global financial crisis was not kind, and I could not save or pivot the business (ask me about it).
Wrote a technical article
Failed At Something
AWS App Runner First Impressions Blog
One of the harder and more interesting types of writing, detailing your thoughts on new technology (less than 24 hours post-release). Given my hope that it'll eventually supplant many Elastic Beanstalk deployments with substantially more powerful features, I bestowed it with the nickname Magic Beanstalk 🌱

Also ate a slice of humble pie, when the VP of Compute Services at AWS read my article and noted something I'd gotten wrong regarding Amazon Copilot (😨!). Gratefully accepted the feedback, and issued a correction. We learn more every day
Live Streamed on Twitch
Failed a stream
Went back to bed
+ 1
Stream crashed. Was frustrated. Couldn't find the source of the issue... Went back to bed

May 19, 2021
Switched University
Failed At Something
haha.. whoops

Turns out that course sucked, a lot. I did a lot of thinking and I realised that not only was I not learning much but that it was really, really bad for my health. Also, I prefer games art over games design, apparently!


I'm changing course and university! I'll be going from a Foundation Degree in Digital Media & Games Design to BA (Hons) Games Art!