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Jan 15, 2022
Created cover book
Cover book art. challenges are always good
Designed illustrations
Created Illustrator Artwork
FanArt Movie Poster
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Participated in the FanArt Contest of Illustartor Artwork for Upcoming MARVEL Movie called Morbius hosted by TALENTHOUSE in Collab with Sony Pictures. I am so happy to be part of this as I have never been motivated to take part in such contests until my Collaborator inspired me to participate.

Check out my Talenthouse Profile:

If you are on LinkedIn, do follow my post:

Designed a logo
Working with Adobe Illustrator
Logo design
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Contributed with 2 logo designs for 2 different scheme & platform/organisation (respectively) on MyGov in 1 single day. 😵

1. The first logo was for a recently introduced Central sector scheme to form and promote 10,000 new FPOs called Formation and Promotion of Farmer Producer Organizations.

For curious ones here is what an FPO is: LINK

2. The second logo was for a micro-blogging platform, developed jointly by NIC and NICSI, to promote networking of ideas, topics, and thought leadership that provides a sense of empowerment to the common people as well as to the Government users. The platform is called Lok Samvaad.

P.S. Second one was pretty close to its closing time, literally submitted the logo 10 mins before the content ends. 😬
Jun 17, 2019
Worked in E-Commerce
Used Figma
Used Adobe XD
Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator
Redesigned an User Experience
Mentored a User Experience Designer
Designed a B2C and B2B product
Created a brief
Guided Research And Design Processes
Shadowed an IT Project Manager
Shared a decision framework
Shared a style guide
Shared knowledge
Designed website
Prototyped a Design
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Immersion in the universe of e-commerce experience

I participated in the discovery, delivery and support for new and ongoing projects, having contact with projects such as Loja Asus, Melissa, Karmani, Kesses, Wishin, Casa Almeida - Buddemeyer Luxus, Todo Livro, Muller, Decanter, Editora do Brasil, Pichau, SBS International, together with designers Gustavo Buarque and André Zuchi. 

Surveyed requirements for the design of interfaces for B2B and B2C e-commerces. Organized service to define briefings participating in kickoffs with clients; Presentation of improvements in design processes, projects and solutions. When I joined the company, have a team of nearly 50 developers as the only designer, having contact in meetings with clients in São Paulo since the 1st.
Mar 21, 2021
Created illustrations for a book re-design
Began creating illustrations for the book "The Boy Called 'IT'"/"The Child called 'IT'".
Launched a new feature
Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator
Designed Wireframes
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Launched Search for Mobile 🔎
  • Designed MVP search experiences to allow users to search the Mobile app for content
  • Illustrated empty, error, and no results states