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Working on inclusion
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Highlighted Diversity
Spoke about Diversity & Inclusion
Amplified antiracist work
Racism prevention
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Achieved a personal goal
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Contribution to a more inclusive language: It is important to me to support the work already done by my colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community; to learn from it; to build on it and to make it visible. I have seen the need to push for a deeper discussion about diversity and racism prevention in communication work and to raise the discussion to another, higher level. So that it doesn't just remain a discussion, but that there are also trainings, handouts and guidelines. Now I am happy that my ideas have been taken up in the network.

Designed an editorial article
Built a website
Provided Art Direction
Amplified antiracist work
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Launched Of Hoops & Healing

Explore this one when you have a quiet moment and a pair of headphones, a few minutes where you can really think.

I was incredibly lucky and humbled to have had the opportunity to help translate Dr. Onaje Woodbine's work to an online space.

For this article, I was responsible for the design and art direction of the article, creating an interactive experience which paid homage to Dr. Woodbine's ritual, building the final article with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and working with illustrators and sound artists to create the final assets.

See the article here.
UX & Product Design Lead, Boston University
Published in a journal
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Shared web design knowledge
Amplified antiracist work
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UX & Product Design Lead, Boston University
Sought out information
Supported women of color in my field

Academics for Black Lives training

Attended a week long training on my own time to understand and listen to Black experiences in academia so I can become a better ally to my students and colleagues. The training is incredibly well organized and written, and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone.
Advocated for myself
Pushed for change
Created space for my colleagues
Established a working group
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DE&I Working Group

Worked with a coworker and senior leadership to establish a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion working group for our department, and stepped back to allow other voices to speak and lead once the group was established.
Assistant Creative Director, Boston University