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Launched a new website on the Craft CMS platform for Chicago's South Side Home Movie Project. The site houses hundreds of archived amateur films from the South Side neighborhoods of Chicago. The project is used in film courses, exhibits, and in the creation of modern creative media.

The website was built using HTML, Sass, PHP, and Javascript. The Sprig plugin allowed us to use HTMX for reactive site components. A custom PHP module was built for integrating the Collective Access API to the site. The site was designed by Span Studio, a Chicago based design agency.

View Project: https://sshmp.uchicago.edu

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Oct 17, 2021
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Worked on COVID-19 webst
Worked a bit on my COVID stats website. Added ICU and hospital bed capacity, and new cases data.

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KDnuggets blog
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Effortless way to develop and deploy your machine learning API using #FastAPI and Deta.

KDnuggets 💖 Deepnote Cells

This looks so smooth and amazing. I just feel so good to see deepnote cell on another platform.

GitHub: https://lnkd.in/ebcqyrAT
Deepnote Project: https://lnkd.in/eefvCMrc


Oct 04, 2017
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JayJay is a personal Discord bot written in the now defunct discord.py API. It is one of the first projects I ever began working on, all the way back in high school. It is a pet project of mine, a hodgepodge of random code snippets that I brainstormed and wrote using the Discord bot as a template. Through the commit history, you can see my transformation as a programmer with each passing year of knowledge.

2017: I began JayJay copying the code for a Discord bot from another repo, one I've long forgotten. I had JayJay created in both Python and JS but, knowing none of these languages, the project quickly fell apart. 
2019: A couple years later, I picked up the bot development once again with my newfound learning of Python. I nuked the repo and started from scratch, creating a simple command bot, which can still be seen today in the main JayJay script. I began to develop other small bots for my friends, so development once again halted.
2020-2021: Going into freshman year of college and programming for the first time in a year and a half, the gears of my development cycle once again began to turn. I dusted off the old JayJay repo and got to work, filling my hours of COVID quarantine with messing around with new features of discord.py. I used it to help me moderate various Discord servers I was in and to test a use case of gachapy, a project I was developing currently. I added brand new features, fleshing out the JayJay project and using it as a concrete repository to show other people examples of the discord.py API. Development unfortunately ended when discord.py was shut down as a project, but the legacy of JayJay lives on as my longest project in development and my first step into serious software development. 

The repository can be found here: https://github.com/jakejack13/JayJay-Bot 
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