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Used Material UI
Used an API
Turns out Material UI X Data Grid has a ton of undocumented features apart from a tiny heading under "apiRef".

I have now made my own custom filter UI in a drawer instead of a toolbar. Ask me if you're interested, I don't write blog posts.
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Data engineering
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Just published a blog post about how to build a reliable data ingestion service using FastAPI, SQLModel and Dramatiq ➡️ https://www.francoisvoron.com/blog/create-deploy-reliable-data-ingestion-service-fastapi-sqlmodel-dramatiq
Studied React
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Designed a front-end app
Led product design
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Made an e-commerce website with using React and Antd UI library. 
-- Implemented auth using JWT
-- Utilized REST APIs to dynamically load and render data served by the backend server

Link : https://myqkartcom.netlify.app/

Fellowship Software Developer, Crio.do
Published a YouTube video
Experimenting with Technology
Published a YouTube video
Used an API
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The third and last episode of the #GitHubCopilot series! I ran a small experiment to determine whether I can measure Copilot’s efficiency and accuracy benefits.

To my surprise, Copilot helped me build a simple API wrapper 3 times faster and way more accurately 😳… I was expecting more of myself to be honest, and this video is a strong testament that Copilot is not a gimmick and it’s here to stay.

Watch the runs with Copilot enabled and without it and derive your own conclusions 👇👇


Jan 03, 2020
Created a command line interface
Used an API
Worked on a CLI called Codeowners Helper to interact with GitHub's API to manage code owner files across many repositories.

My team kept getting new engineers and we had something like 25 repositories that all needed updating when anyone came or left. I thought this was an interesting problem that others might also be having, and it gave me an excuse to try using a new API.
Software Engineer I, Cerner
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Used Deta
Deploy API
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Deploying your first Machine Learning API using Deta and FastAPI.

I have explained all the steps in detail so that you can start converting your ML model into API that you can share it with world. 

TDS Article: https://lnkd.in/eq5Tm-Sx
GitHub Repo: https://lnkd.in/ebcqyrAT
Deepnote Project: https://lnkd.in/eefvCMrc
Writer, Towards Data Science