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Feb 01, 2020
Wrote a book
Wrote a book Participatory Budgeting: A Practical Guide

This guide provides local leaders with better understanding of benefits and challenges of participatory budgeting process and preconditions for successful implementation. Local practitioners are offered a road-map for implementation from preparatory activities, project collection and evaluation to project implementation and reporting back to constituency. The guide is accompanied with complete presentations for local administration and general public, templates, check-lists, banners, press releases and draft agenda.
Wrote a book
Back in July I started writing a book about #jetpackcompose on #android. Yesterday I submitted the final chapter to the editor. It will take some time until it is released, but putting down the pencil was a great milestone.
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Made a valuable contribution to open-sauced/, adding a lot of documentation on open sauced tooling and some minor bug fixes that would have taken too long to merge if we went the triage way! Some folks missed out on opening some Hacktoberfest issues :<
Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced
Published a book
Self-published my first children’s educational workbook. Learn more at
Nov 23, 2021
Wrote a book
"Rethinking Reusability in Vue" is my first book! It's 111 pages of writing, code, and data viz, all in pursuit of Vue 3 best practices.
Wrote a book
Released a new eBook:
"50 drops of PHP"

It is free and you can download: