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Optimized a Query
Worked on Power Apps solution
Power automate
Built a feature
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Upgraded PowerApp (Canvas App) for Daily Employees Work Record documentation on tasks they have worked upon.
Solution Architect - Consultant , Independent
Optimized a Query
Worked on Power Apps solution
Power automate
Built a feature
+ 2
Upgraded PowerApp (Canvas App) that uses data integration with on-prem SQL Server via gateway. Functionality includes Employee, Vendor, Volunteer, Student, Faculty registration process to create gate entry badge passes
Jul 31, 2019
Automated document publishing workflow
Wrote JavaScript

Automating PDF accessibility work with JavaScript

In our work at the Information Access Group, we need to make sure every PDF we publish is accessible. After exporting a PDF from Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, there are a number of things that we need to fix up before we can share the PDF.

In 2019, I created a small web app, using the open-source pdfassembler library, that performs a few repetitive tasks in the structure of the PDF file. This includes:
  • "stripping" the table structure of layout tables - this means moving the content out of <Table> tag
  • setting empty paragraphs as artifacts
  • setting table header rows.
By creating this utility, I learned a lot about how PDF files work, including the difference between structure and content, annotations and bookmarks, and some idiosyncrasies of the PDF document format.

This tool has also allowed me to write short scripts that perform certain tasks in PDFs - working with the structure of a PDF programmatically has helped in a number of large document projects, for example changing footer content in every page of a 500 page document. When you're working on huge documents, this feels like a superpower!
Nov 18, 2021
Wrote a Wordpress Plugin
WP Cron
Wrote PHP Code
Used SQL
WP Mail
Extended CRM
Improved business process
Automated a process
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Wrote a custom WordPress plugin that extends JetPackCRM functionality to email agents every day and remind them who they need to contact. Not publish-ready, but works very well on the site it's meant for! 

I used SQL queries, WP Cron, activation hooks, and wp_mail.
Oct 09, 2021
Automated a process
Today is the big day. A part of a very big change in the RTA ecosystem will be going live tonight. Soon there will be no need to visit any driving centers to register for permits. The complete process from the new application to signing a new training contract is now automated.  
The whole process takes into consideration many different nationals living in Dubai(nearly 200), those countries driving systems, their differences from UAE, and any prior licenses in any other country.

A big step towards an automated and safe Dubai.
Sep 21, 2021
Learned more Ansible
Used Automation
upgraded our Nutanix cluster via LCM API, triggered by Ansible