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My favorite way to handle API authentication (on frontend, in microservice architectures):

  • Using JWTs, microservices validate access tokens
  • Access Token, expires after 10 min, stored in memory and sent in Header on API requests
  • Refresh Token, http-only cookie used to renew access tokens

First time I heard read about this: The Ultimate Guide to handling JWTs on frontend clients
Backend developer
Deploy a Laravel App
Developed a backend system
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Backend, Admin Panel & Hosting for GoClean to help them automate their drivers’ scheduling and their recycling process in Egypt through an IOS app.
Software developer, 34ML
Apr 01, 2019
Backend developer
Backend, Admin Panel & Hosting for Premium Card

More than 250,000 users.
Software developer, 34ML
Oct 02, 2018
Developed a backend system
Deploy a Laravel App
Backend developer
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Developed Backend & Admin Panel for Toriko (sushi resturant).
  • Implemented full order system
  • Implemented full reservation system
  • Implemented a menu structure
Software developer, 34ML
Jan 02, 2018
Software training
Backend developer
Joined start up software house called Spade for 3 month training as backend developer
Jun 25, 2021
Started a new role at Katerra
Joined as a Backend Software Engineer
Software Engineer, Katerra