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Jul 25, 2021
Learned Command Line
Learnt bash
So, I have decided to learn more coding this year, especially gravitating towards front end design and development. To kickstart this I started by familiarizing myself with the command line using bash! Spending a few weeks on it helped me realise that a computer has more to offer than what's there shining in front of us in the form of GUI.
Automated deployment
Wrote TypeScript
Used Deno
Used Bash
Developed a build system
Published open-source code
+ 4
Rebuilt my personal website and open-sourced the code on GitHub
Jan 10, 1994
Worked as a build tool developer
Built a feature
Learnt bash
Learnt awk
Learnt Perl
Learnt Java
+ 4
Worked at Data General, as a build-tool developer (bash, perl, awk, make, etc.; some C)
Mar 13, 2021
Contributed to open source
Created a GitHub repository
Used Bash
Used Python
+ 2

AWS Toolbox 🧰

I created an open-source repository called AWS Toolbox that contains useful scripts (Bash & Python) that automate repetitive tasks in AWS.

The goal is to get a complete library of scripts that can be used by anyone that works with AWS.