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Minimal Plugin Manager for ZSH:
Sep 26, 2021
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Dec 19, 2018
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I created small shell script that allows me to update my dns records on Cloudflare using their API, so that I can have a domain name that always points to my dynamic IP.

The script can be found here:
Jul 23, 2021
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A very fun problem I ran into while starting my docker containers. 

How does someone execute a second command after running a first command that hasn't completed or maybe it is a never exiting process like running a server?

&& is the typical solution that comes in mind but scripts don't work that way and they rely on return values from previous commands. 
& is something that can be very useful because it runs commands in the background. 
I was stuck because I couldn't just exit the script ad it would kill the container. 
So after hours of searching ways to trigger the functionality I finally had a big brain moment and here's the magic code that did the job. 
Nov 01, 2020
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I created a CLI game in Ruby based on The Sims. Check it out on GitHub: