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I sent feedbacks after doing the remote usability test on Wonderpath about interaction and experience. The product is in private beta and is an amazing way to be able to share goals and also get feedback on where we can improve is essential in our professional career.

The tool assists in planning to set goals, collect advice and build action plans. Designed for multiple user profiles because you can use it individually no matter where you work.

Very cool to have participated for the first time as a beta tester remotely :)
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Usability testing
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Usability test on Wonderpath

Super pumped to do a usability test on Wonderpath, an application that sets goals, builds action plans for the main goal, and receives advice and feedback. 

We went through the following flows:
  • Onboarding
  • Setting up goals and the respective action plans
  • Sharing the goal via socials
  • Collect and review feedback from other people

I provided feedback on the overall mission of Wonderpath and the interaction patterns. I can't wait to see how Wonderpath iterates based on the usability test results!
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Office hours: Get started with interactive components

Interactive components enable us to create interaction between variants. It eliminates the pain point of having multiple interactions between screens. The office hour demonstrated examples of how this feature is used.

Community members created a minesweeper, soduku, image sliders, interactive keyboard, micro animations using this feature. 
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"You're using too many early stage things"

Yes, yes I am.
Jul 27, 2021
Need beta testers
I am looking for beta users in different areas, all these ideas are just getting started. If any of those are of interest to you, please write me a message and I will add you to the beta tester list once they are out! 

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