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Creating an NFT
Wrote a smart contract
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My first smart contract on polygon.
Nov 16, 2021
Wrote a smart contract
Contributed to open source
So, I took some time over the past weekend with Ethereum gas fees being outrageous to the point of virtually being unusable to make a bigger contract in terms of money but actually a much simpler contract in terms of coding. Of course it's written in Lexon because smart contracts aren't contracts unless a judge can read them. 

This is an early draft but is technically a complete contract just without all the bells and whistles. I call it the student film financing DAO, it incorporates an LLC in Wyoming as a DAO LLC and allows up to $5M in funding in accordance with regulation crowdfunding. When the Project is complete all contributors referred to as members will be notified of the projects completion and that they are eligible for the reward promised under the membership terms. That could be free tickets to a live screening or a digital copy of the film sent to their email. 

Enjoyed building this and the next few iterations will be more and more complicated and include independent films with sections for distributors and royalties.
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Minted Dev ID #7439 @ and became part of the DAO.
Wrote a smart contract
Smart Contract
Learning solidity
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Developed a smart contract with solidity which enables trustless NFT swaps between addresses.

This helped me understand how one smart contract can interface with a different smart contract and how permissions work in ERC721 tokens.
Oct 29, 2021
Joined a DAO
I finally got minted on Developer DAO! Let's go! I've been finding the web3 space interesting and the Developer DAO community seems to be very welcoming. 😎
Learning a new skill
Deploying my first Hello World in Solana