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Nov 24, 2021
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The New Jersey Web Festival has announced its first round of Early Acceptances for the 2022 festival in September!

Huge congratulations to Dice Shame (Actual Play Podcast), Old Gods of Appalachia (Narrative Fiction Podcast), and especially a huge shoutout to Adventures in Paradice as the festival's first Actual Play Livestream ever!
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We provide resources to the Upper Midwest Emerging Technology Community, including monthly AppliedAI meetups, podcasts with local founders and practitioners, a newsletter with curated content, and the first Twin Cities AI focused conference slated for late spring 2022.
Nov 09, 2021
Club Board
Just ran my first meeting for my club, Desktop Robotics!

Hopefully we can teach students how to build neat circuits and little robots that can do anything they want!
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Actively working for the City of Vancouver Dev Team since April 2021, I've been using my skills to help them with their new V2 update. After my hard work and attention to detail, I was tasked with becoming the Lead Builder for all the V2 builders, managing the project and keeping other developers on track. The update is coming out very soon, here you can watch a short TEASER by the Owner, which gives a glimpse into the work I've put in over the last 10 months. I'm not at liberty to share EVERYTHING I've worked on, but below are a few pictures of my builds that are leaked.
Lead Builder and Senior Developer, City of Vancouver Canada - Roblox Group
Nov 07, 2021
Google Developers
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Publish with a Publisher - Miniclip Model

📌You have decided to implement the original game idea that comes to your mind and which you think will be very useful. This process may seem like it consists of working on your game for long hours until it reaches a publishable level, and then publishing it on the platforms you want. But after you develop and publish your game, or during the game development process, will you be able to reach your target audience? Is your budget sufficient to market your game? At this point, there are companies that can help you🤝.

So which publishers are there🧐? How can I meet Publishers? On what terms do publishers work with studios? Which Publishers pay per prototype?💸

You will meet different publishers in our series event "Publish with a Publisher", where you will find answers to these and many more questions. The first event of the series will be with Miniclip🚀❤️.

🔸Miniclip is a global leader in digital games with a mission of unleashing the gamer in everyone. The Company develops, publishes and distributes highly engaging games to an audience of over 250 million monthly active users across mobile, social and online platforms🔥.

The speaker of the event will be Naheda Noori. Naheda works as a Senior Business Development Manager at Miniclip. She focus on third party publishing, co-development and strategic partnership opportunities for Miniclip⚡️.

📆November 25, 2021 - 19:00 (UTC +4)
🦸🏻‍♂️ Speaker : Naheda Noori