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I'm writing a book! Book waitlist form is up.
Pitching Brand Partnerships
Hi all! Looking to connect with brand partnerships managers and influencer relations managers at fashion, liquor, and sneaker companies for some Amethyst Collab clients!
Oct 14, 2021
Shot business Photoshoot
Ich war gerade bei der wunderbaren Verena Hahnelt in Bad Hersfeld für ein Fotoshooting - Website, Veröffentlichungen und Informationen Zeitungen etc. brauchen mal wieder neue Motive. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht und ich freue mich auf das Resultat! 
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Joined the Marketing and Growth team at! 🎉
Brand Partnership
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Celebrated my birthday by partnering with @yasso on their new birthday cake flavored greek yogurt pops. I love partnering with brands i use organically!

Talent Management
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Role: Strategist, Talent Relations & Producer

Lead the creative and strategic partnership between Collective Arts Brewing and EQ Distro Artists Campaign "Audio/Visual"  to give artists a chance to amplify their music and reach new fans.

Select Artists: Asoh Black!, Tangina Stone, Stockz and Sunny Picasso 

These artists had the chance to design their own beer can with a call to action to their music. The beer was distributed in music venues and retails in the US, CA, and Japan. In addition, we launched a playlist and created docu-style content to highlight the artist. 

Collective Art's Audio/Visual Lager embodies our love for music and our passion to push the boundaries for emerging talent. When they set out to make an easy-drinking lager, they wanted to use it as an opportunity for the community to discover new music. This collaborative series celebrates the intersection of art, music, and beer, featuring a record label, four artists, and one visual artist.

Read More: Link Here

I also co-produced and directed the artist docu-style videos. 
Creative Marketing Lead, Rocnation